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Guidelines for informed consent in transfusion medicine. AABB Press; 2006. In transfusion medicine, those individuals responsible for overseeing practices and encouraging improvement are faced with difficult challenges. This guideline is intended to facilitate this improvement process with respect to the requirement for obtaining patient and donor consent in connection with transfusion.

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Informed consent in blood transfusion and cellular therapies: Patients, donors and research subjects. Christopher Stowell et al. AABB Press; 2007. This book looks at informed consent in transfusion medicine in its broadest sense, addressing this issue in the context of patients, donors, and research subjects.

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Standards for blood banks and transfusion services. AABB Press; 2008. The Blood Bank/Transfusion Service (BB/TS) Standards Program Unit (SPU) developed this 25th edition and used an evidence-based decision making process, when possible, to modify existing requirements or create new specific requirements for blood banking and transfusion medicine.

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