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Medical Technology

Using technology to improve medication safety. Joint Commission Resources; 2005. As health care professionals work to develop strategies and processes to improve medication safety, they depend on technology to help them meet these goals. Using Technology to Improve Medication Safety discusses a variety of technologies, including medication bar coding, radio frequency identification (RFID), computerized physician order entry (CPOE), automated dispensing devices, robotics, and electronic medical records. This book assesses the strengths and weaknesses of these technologies, and considers cost-effective methods for their implementation. Case studies illustrate how other health care organizations have addressed these technologies and successfully implemented their use.

(Call No. R M 151-120)

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Assessing new procedures and technologies: A guide to credentialing, privileging, and dispute resolution. Jack L. Cox. HCPro, Inc.; 2006. This book and CD-ROM set will help you develop a standard procedure for assessing new technologies and procedures in your facility. It covers many of the business, regulatory, and organizational problems that surround the issue of incorporating an innovation into your hospital.

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Surgical robots: Systematic planning and implementation. ECRI; 2009. Introduction by James Keller, ECRI. Presentation 1 - Surgical Robots: Technology Assessment Perspective. Presentation 2 - Initiating Robotic Surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Presentation 3: Surgical Robotics: Saint Joseph's Program Development and Key Lessons Learned. Includes polling questions, conclusions and Q&A session.

(Call No. Audio CD 561-179)

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Medical technology for the IT professional: An essential guide for working in today’s healthcare setting. ECRI Institute; 2009. Understand the convergence of medical devices and IT and its impact in your role and responsibilities. This guide will help you gain a strong understanding of today's IT-intensive medical technology. The new guide covers medical technologies that are heavily IT-based or highly integrated into IT infrastructures.

(Call No. Hlth Care Adm 310-103)

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Medical equipment management manual: How to be in complete and continuous compliance with The Joint Commission standards. Robert H. Stiefel. Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation; 2009. The 2009 edition of this best-selling manual provides up-to-date essential guidance on how to comply with Joint Commission medical equipment management requirements. It's expressly designed to keep a hospital's medical equipment management program in complete and continuous compliance with Joint Commission standards. For 2009, the Joint Commission has reworded, revised, reformatted, resequenced, consolidated, or deleted every standard in their accreditation manuals. This 2009 edition incorporates all of these changes.

(Call No. Safety 152-120 2009)

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