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ACR Standards 2002: Adopted by the Council of the American College of Radiology. American College of Radiology; 2002.

(Call No. Rad 149-014 2002)

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Radiology administration forms, checklists & guidelines. Aspen Publishers, Inc.; 2010. The book is a comprehensive resource that assists radiology group practices and hospital radiology departments that require more professional management to meet the challenge of maximizing reimbursement and increasing their market share of patients. It is the time-saving, nuts-and-bolts source for what to do in virtually every area of radiology administration such as departmental organization, employee relations and leadership, coding and reimbursement, cost management and billing, evaluating and purchasing technology, risk management, patient scheduling and education, marketing imaging services, standards and regulations, quality control and improvement and film file management.

(Call No. Rad 149-013)

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CT radiation: How to efficiently manage dose. ECRI; 2010. Educating ordering physicians, managing scan protocols, and using technologies to help control radiation dose are key to managing computed tomography (CT) radiation dose, noted presenters at a February 17, 2010, Web conference hosted by ECRI Institute. Listen to their comments and suggestions in the latest ECRI Roadmap to Patient Safety series.

(Call No. Audio CD 561-180)

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