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MLMIC medical malpractice insurance policies are built on 45+ years of New York-specific experience. Unique benefits. Concierge-level service. And, the backing of a Berkshire Hathaway company. There’s simply no better option for New York physicians.

Learn why 13,000+ New York physicians trust MLMIC.

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MLMIC offers both occurrence and claims made coverage options. Claims made policyholders may also opt for optional tail and/or nose coverage. Learn more about different types of coverage.

What does doctor malpractice insurance cost?

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MLMIC provides the opportunity to take advantage of a number of discounts and savings to help reduce your premiums. We’re also in the process of constructing RPGs to offer insurance at an even greater discount.

up to 50% savings

New doctor discount

up to 50% savings

Part-time discount

5% savings

Risk management discount – 5% savings when you complete a NYS-qualified Risk Management program

up to 12% savings

Claims free discount – up to 12% savings for qualified physicians and surgeons with no open or closed claims

12% savings

Voluntary attending physician discount – 12% savings for qualified physicians of a MLMIC-insured hospital who participate in joint legal defense and a risk management course

12% savings

MLMIC Excellus Credentialed Physician Insurance Program (ECPIP) discount – 12% savings offered to qualified Excellus Health Plan, Inc., credentialed providers

5% savings

Waiver of consent to settle a claim – 5% savings available to individual physician policyholders

1.4% reduction

Indemnity deductible – 1.4% reduction of the $1,000,000/$3,000,000 rate (regardless of individual limits of liability) with a $5,000 deductible for each claim

2% premium credit

Annual prepay discount – a 2% premium credit is applied for prompt payment of the full annual premium within 30 days of receipt of the invoice

Learn about excess and optional coverages.

Excess coverage

Available at no additional cost to those who qualify, the Excess Liability Program provides an additional layer of insurance protection, over and above the required primary limits of $1,300,000 each person/$3,900,000 total.

Optional coverages

Additional defense cost coverage

Qualifying physician policyholders may be able to purchase coverage for the costs of defending an administrative action or governmental proceedings.

Professional entity coverage

Eligible professional entities may purchase separate limits of coverage for $1,000,000 each person/$3,000,000 total for a premium charge.

Employee coverage

A MLMIC insured physician or surgeon may apply for a separate policy with individual limits of liability that provides coverage within the scope of employment for the physician practice.

For more details, or to see if you qualify, contact a MLMIC representative.