Our Approach

Medical Liability Mutual Insurance Company has been providing professional liability insurance coverage to physicians and surgeons in New York State since its inception in 1975. In addition to the comprehensive coverage we have traditionally offered, our physician insureds are also able to take advantage of the many risk management and claims management services designed to help reduce the risk of malpractice claims and to contain the costs associated with those claims.

Today, MLMIC provides coverage to over 13,000 physicians in New York State and continues to be the leader in this market. We maintain our commitment to our insureds, and we will continue to offer the best possible products and services at a competitive price.

For our physician insureds, MLMIC’s underwriters assist the Physician Underwriting Committee in its deliberations on various classification and coverage issues. Our underwriters also work with the Physician Underwriting Committee and its Peer Review Committee to monitor the claims experience of our insureds through peer review and to interview prospective applicants, whenever necessary. Our dentist policyholders enjoy similar benefits through the operations of the NYSDA-MLMIC Underwriting Claims Committee.

Peer Review

MLMIC’s Merit Rating Plan, the only plan of its kind approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services, permits a true peer review process regarding loss experience rather than automatic surcharges. MLMIC never automatically surcharges a policy on the basis of claims history without first submitting it for review by your peers. The success and strength of our peer review system makes us the only licensed medical liability insurer not required to use the State’s mandated automatic surcharge schedule.

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