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Health Administration

Managing your business associates: Ensure that your partners are HIPAA-compliant. Opus Communications & The Greeley Company; 2002. If your business associates are not taking the appropriate steps to become HIPAA-compliant, your facility could be at risk for a violation. This book will give you the advice and tools you need to ensure your vendors maintain an effective HIPAA compliance program.

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Quality through collaboration: The future of rural health care (Quality Chasm). The National Academies Press; 2005. Contents: Integrating Rural EMS into the Healthcare Quality Debate, What About Rural? So where does EMS fit into the "Quality Agenda" organization of this document? Strategy I: An Integrated Approach to Improving Health, Strategy II: Quality Improvement Activities in Rural Areas, Strategy III: Strengthening Human Resources, Strategy IV: Finance, Strategy V: Building an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure, concluding with Rural Health and Emergency Medical Services: Shared Goals.

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Performance-based job descriptions for healthcare. Steven W. Bryant. Opus Communications & The Greeley Company; 2005. Are your job descriptions current and performance-based? Do they meet JCAHO standards? Do they consider the ages of the patients you serve? This publication has merged the job description and performance evaluation into one resource and is both age/population-specific and performance-based.

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Accreditation alternatives for healthcare organizations. HCPro, Inc.; 2006. This first-of-its-kind resource is an all-in-one solution for accreditation specialists in your facility to learn about all the hospital accreditation and certification options. In addition to the expert knowledge contained in the book's pages, you'll also receive an easy-to-modify PowerPoint presentation on CD-ROM to help you present your findings to high-ranking hospital officials.

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Written word – guidelines for responding in writing to patient concerns. Society of Healthcare Consumer Advocacy; 2010. The "Written Word" originated with the work of Janet Gilbert and later updated with the assistance of Heidi Harrison, both employed at Inova Health Systems in Alexandria, Virginia. The document was published with permission, from Inova Health System, by the AHA's Society of Healthcare Consumer Advocacy. Several caveats are in order. First, no "form letter" is suitable for all situations and second, information and samples are intended for consideration when responding to patients.

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Risk management PEARLS on principles for developing safe and effective policies and procedures. American Hospital Association; 2011. The goal of this document is to provide the principles for developing and maintaining effective policies and procedures.

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Taking minutes of meetings: Set the agenda, identify what to note, write accurate minutes. Joanna Gutmann. KoganPage; 2012. The book explains the functions of minutes, how to take them accurately, and how to listen and summarize.

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