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Violence in Healthcare

Healthcare violence: Be part of the cure. Coastal DuPont; 2009. This video will inform your employees on: areas of your facility that are most susceptible to violence, reasons for increases in violence, when to apply physical and chemical restraints, how to deal with the aftermath of an attack. (Complies with JCAHO standards related to safety of patients and staff, as well as CDC guidelines for the prevention of workplace violence.)

(Call No. Video DVD 002-210 2009)

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Workplace violence in mental and general healthcare settings. Michael R. Privitera. Jones and Bartlett Publishers; 2011. The recognized effects of workplace violence include staff injury, low morale, and turnover; workers' compensation, overtime and disruption; and compromised care and safety of patients. This book focuses on improvements for the organization as a whole, and, sharing best practices from healthcare disciplines and stakeholders.

(Call No. R M 151-138)

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