Claims or incidents may be reported to any of our Claim Offices. A representative will personally speak with you and obtain the pertinent information. Our representative will direct you to the correct claim office and advise you as to the claims personnel assigned to your case.

If you have been served with legal papers, be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Were you served with legal papers personally? When?
  • What is the date of the incident giving rise to the lawsuit or the complete dates that you treated the patient?
  • Supply your complete contact information including the office address and phone number or cellphone number, if you prefer.

When reporting a claim, please contact the Claims Office nearest to you.

Dentists and Oral Surgeons:
Long Island: (516) 794-7200
Syracuse: (315) 428-1188

All other policyholders:
New York City: (212) 576-9850
Latham: (518) 786-2700
Long Island: (516) 794-7200
Syracuse: (315) 428-1188

It is the policy of MLMIC to settle meritorious claims as equitably and expeditiously as possible and to resist and aggressively defend cases without merit.

Claim Department overview:

  • Our professional Claim Staff personnel are located throughout New York State with offices in New York City, Long Island, Colonie, and Syracuse.
  • Early and comprehensive medical and legal analysis is done on every case.
  • All claims and suits are reviewed by a physician consultant.
  • No claim or suit will be settled without the consent of the insured.
  • No dental claim or suit will be settled without a consent of a majority of the members of the district Claims Committee.
  • Our experienced legal defense firms have a record of successfully defending physicians, healthcare facilities, and hospitals.

Other considerations:

  • Incidents, claims, or lawsuits must be reported in a timely fashion to ensure a successful defense.
  • Consult with MLMIC before releasing any information to a third party to ensure that proper authorization is received.
  • Do not alter your record in any way.
  • Do not contact the patient’s attorney or the patient individually. You should limit your contacts to MLMIC representatives or your assigned legal team.

Participate in your defense by making time to speak with our Claims Specialists and defense counsel to determine strategies.