Sarah Vaiselbuh, MD, pediatrics

I want to complement MLMIC on the quality of the Risk Management course. I really enjoyed listening to the very professional discussion between moderator, physician and attorney to enlighten the audience on Medical Risk Management. I think this course should be part of any residency curriculum to educate residents about the Art and Good Practice of Medicine; and the possible consequences in case of lack thereof.

Alexander Weingarten, MD, anesthesiologist

MLMIC has your back to keep doctors safe from regulatory and civil issues that can impact your practice of medicine. I wouldn’t place my trust in any carrier other than MLMIC and they have always been there for all of my coverage needs. They are the full package – New York experience, longevity, financial strength, great service, outstanding risk management and educational resources, and knowledgeable claims professionals.

Bruce Barach, MD, plastic surgeon

For my entire 33-year plastic surgery career in upstate NY, MLMIC has been a stand-up partner for all aspects of med mal coverage and has provided help and guidance whenever needed. Having reviewed claims for the company, I can also affirm that the insured physician comes first, is always treated with the utmost in fairness and objectivity and that the issue in question is evaluated by an appropriate and experienced person from the same specialty.

Marc Elkowitz, MD, FACS, plastic surgeon

MLMIC has always been a reliable insurance company and I strongly recommend them. Throughout the 20 years I have been with MLMIC, they have never let me down. The underwriters and even upper management have always been professional, responsive, reliable, and attentive to my needs. Healthcare is a complex environment, and it is nice to know as a provider that your primary defense is always there when you need it.

George Lefkovits, MD, FACS, plastic surgeon

Change is a given in life and while MLMIC may have had changes in recent years, my comfort with having MLMIC as my carrier has not changed. I am always able to reach someone when I need something – whether it’s a question about an invoice, a policy-related matter, or a risk management or legal issue. In fact, I think they’ve gotten better, and I know they are committed to the New York State marketplace and will be here for the long haul.

Burt Greenberg, MD, FACS, plastic surgeon

I trust MLMIC. They always have my best interests in mind. MLMIC has never let me down, has always provided risk mitigation in a timely fashion and has also provided claims advice that I have been able to successfully incorporate into my practice. The risk management resources I receive on an ongoing basis are incredibly helpful and insightful and have enabled me to practice medicine in a safe and effective manner. MLMIC updates are shared with my staff, who are greatly appreciative as well.

Robert C. Silich, MD, FACS, plastic surgeon

MLMIC has been my carrier of choice for medical malpractice insurance since 1999. This was also the carrier of practice for my father who was in practice for over 40 years. The cornerstone of my experience with MLMIC has been the ability for consent and choice. They have always been supportive of the physician and in the face of much pressure and several surrounding circumstances have always had the physician’s best interest in mind. I continue to use them today and find them to be superior to all the other choices in my community.

John Decorato, MD, FACS, plastic surgeon

In New York’s very difficult malpractice market, I have seen many insurance companies come and go. During my entire career as a Plastic Surgeon, I have been insured by MLMIC. The company has the knowledge and experience to support physicians through one of the most trying encounters of our calling, the malpractice suit. I intend to continue with MLMIC for the remainder of my professional career.

Robert Cucin, MD, plastic surgeon

I’m a plastic surgeon who has chosen MLMIC as my malpractice carrier since I finished residency at PNYH and went into private practice over forty years ago. The Company’s tradition as a physician-centric company remained intact after its acquisition by Berkshire Hathaway. I was even pleased to receive a substantial refund check a few years ago which was indeed a very welcome surprise.

David Antell, MD, FACS, plastic surgeon

I don’t know of any other carrier that has the vast knowledge and experience that MLMIC’s Risk Management professionals possess. I have relied on them over the many years I have been a policyholder for everything from CME to documents I need to use in my practice and for advice on various office policies.

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