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New Albany Report: Governor’s 2019-20 Proposed New York State Executive Budget

The latest edition of MLMIC’s The Albany Report focuses policyholder attention on Governor Cuomo’s proposed executive budget and its impact on the medical professional liability insurance market.

U.S. News Ranks ‘Best Healthcare Jobs 2019’ – Physician Assistants and dentists were ranked #1 and #2, respectively.
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U.S. Spends Twice as Much on Healthcare as its Peers - A new analysis from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
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Superbug MRSA Found on Ambulance Oxygen Tanks, Floors, Door Handle Raising Need for Vigilance in Prehospital Setting, Study Shows - A new study published in the Emergency Medicine Journal shows that the threat of MRSA isn’t just found inside hospitals.
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Marijuana Legalization Leaves Doctors Wondering ‘What Do We Tell Our Patients?’ - The editors of the Annals of Internal Medicine have published six essays submitted by their readers that they say touch on some of the most important issues that clinicians face when discussing marijuana with their patients.
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