Medication Dosing Errors Continue to Rise in the U.S.

A recent report, published in the Journal of Toxicology, found that people in the United States are making errors in dosing medications at home. Healthcare providers should be cognizant of the need for patient and caregiver education in the proper administration of both prescribed and over-the-counter medications.


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Hospitals Authorized to Allow Patients to Self-Administer Medical Marijuana During Stay

NYS Department of Health (DOH) regulations allow patients to self-administer medical marijuana in the facility during their hospital stay. Facilities that allow patients to self-administer any medications should ensure that all aspects of the regulation are included in their policies and procedures.


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Most Frequently Asked Questions About the Berkshire Hathaway Transaction

Policyholders have reacted to the Berkshire Hathaway agreement with enthusiasm and questions that we receive are typically about the transaction’s timing, payout, next steps and notices.


Summer 2017 Case Review Now Available

The Summer 2017 edition of Case Review – a review of case studies for MLMIC-insured physicians and facilities – is now available for reading online.


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