5 Traits to Look for in Your Insurer’s Claims Department

No medical or dental professional ever wants to be named in a legal action. But if and when it happens, you’re going to have to rely heavily on your insurer’s claims department. The knowledge and expertise of staff is critical when it comes to professional claim handling and obtaining favorable outcomes in New York State.

Here are some of the insurer attributes that can make a difference to your claims:

  1. The insurer has the experience. How long has the insurer been handling complex professional liability claims in New York?
  1. The insurer has a proven process. When you report a new matter, how soon do claim professionals discuss your case and begin defending your interests? At what point does a representative meet with you to answer your questions, discuss your case, share ideas or walk through the complexities of New York’s legal system? Does the insurer seek your input and encourage you to be involved in the process?
  1. The interests of the insured come first. Sometimes, what’s best for an individual policyholder may be in direct conflict with the interest of investors, and in some claims departments examiners often answer to business people. In companies owned by policyholders (like a mutual insurance company), a committee of physicians often ensures that the interests of the policyholder take priority.
  1. The insurer has the right team in place. Does the insurer retain the services of specialized defense firms? Does the team have a solid record of successfully defending New York physicians, dentists, hospitals and healthcare facilities in professional liability actions?
  1. The insurer is financially stable. If the insurer is not financially stable, your claims may not get paid. Some companies are undercapitalized and potentially place their insured’s personal assets at risk.

With MLMIC, you can be assured that we have these bases covered. We’ve been handling complex liability claims in New York since 1975, and the experience and specialization of our claims department offers our customers an advantage. We’re renowned throughout the professional liability community for our expertise and top-rated service.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss our services further.