CDC Says COVID-19 Can Result in Prolonged Recovery, Even Among Young Adults

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that “COVID-19 can result in prolonged illness, even among young adults without underlying chronic medical conditions” and those who experience milder symptoms. Research conducted by the agency indicates that 35% of individuals have not returned to their usual state of health two to three weeks after infection. Furthermore, the CDC says that one in five COVID-19 positive patients 18–34 years old with no chronic medical conditions still have some degree of symptoms, such as cough, fatigue and shortness of breath, 14 to 31 days later.

Because young adults or those with mild cases may not perceive a COVID-19 infection as severe or prolonged, the CDC emphasizes that physicians should strongly encourage the use of preventative practices that reduce risk of contracting and spreading the virus with these patients. These measures include social distancing, frequent handwashing and consistent and correct use of face coverings in public.

CDC notes that the majority of COVID-19-related studies thus far are focused on hospitalized patients so this new finding has “important implications for understanding the full effects” of the virus. The agency says it will closely monitor all new information related to the clinical course of COVID-19 and update guidance accordingly.

MLMIC encourages physicians, other providers and facilities to remain vigilant in providing guidance to patients on best practices to promote their healthy and safety and that of the community at large. 

Our insured clinicians are advised to review CDC guidance for the management and treatment of COVID-19 patients. Additionally, MLMIC has assembled a number of other critical resources to support New York physicians as they care for patients during the pandemic including: