Effective July 22, 2016, a 7-day Limit for Initial Opioid Prescriptions

As part of New York’s efforts to curb opioid abuse, Governor Cuomo recently signed legislation to amend New York State Public Health Law §3331, which will take effect on July 22, 2016.  Restrictions have been put in place to limit initial narcotic prescriptions to seven days.  Specifically, the law limits the initial prescription of Schedule II, III or IV opioids to seven days for the treatment of acute pain.

The law defines acute pain as “pain, whether resulting from disease, accidental or intentional trauma, or other cause, that the practitioner reasonably expects to last only a short period of time. Such term shall not include chronic pain, pain being treated as part of cancer care, hospice or other end-of-life care or pain being treated as part of palliative care practices.”  PHL §3331 (5)(c)

For subsequent treatment of the same pain, the practitioner, within the scope of his or her professional discretion, may issue an appropriate renewal, refill or new prescription for an opioid or any other drug.

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