Mandatory Electronic Prescribing Deadline Poses Concerns for Some Hospitals and Providers

The March 27, 2016, deadline for the New York State law that mandates the electronic prescription of all medications is now less than a month away, and some physicians and facilities are still working to comply with the law or obtain waivers. In an effort to assist our insureds, MLMIC has posted several times to our blog with information to assist policyholders in complying with this new requirement. For example, you can click here to obtain information regarding how to apply for a waiver.

In addition, we want to share with you a new article about the challenges New York providers face regarding the pending implementation date for mandatory e-prescribing. Click here to read.

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5 thoughts on “Mandatory Electronic Prescribing Deadline Poses Concerns for Some Hospitals and Providers

  1. J Hellriegel says:

    It will degrade care since I will not even be able to treat a simple recurrent UTI unless I am at the office with a registered computer. Don’t get that UTI on a weekend.

  2. Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD says:

    I have been e-prescribing all prescriptions since March 2015 and it is an enormous time- and energy-saver. I use free-standing Allscripts e-prescribe.

  3. Michael J. Lieberman says:

    Every paper Rx now is already on a uniquely bar-coded state-supplied Rx blank. Every Rx is already capable of being traced. If this is to prevent fraud or capture criminals, the state ALREADY has enough information. This is just going to benefit big PHARMA and the computer industry, at the expense of doctors’ and patients’ time & money.

  4. kenneth schob,dds,pc says:

    It takes 2 seconds to write a script, now I have to log in, type patient’s name, address, etc., find their pharmacy and then type in the script. Just another new time consuming hassle.

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