MLMIC Launches Case Review Podcast Examining New York State Medical Professional Liability Cases

For the first time, Case Review – an analysis of New York medical professional liability case studies for MLMIC-insured physicians and facilities – is now available as a podcast.  Click “play” below to listen or click here to read the PDF version.

The July 2019 Case Review includes two case studies – along with legal and risk management perspectives:

Case Study #1: “Gastroenterologist and Hospital Absolved After Disastrous Outcome.” This case involves a patient leaving the hospital against medical advice with an undiagnosed perforation following a colonoscopy.

Case Study #2: “Poor Communication Regarding Medication Management Results in Patient Death.” Even though the physician in this case monitored a patient’s lab results over the period of care, the medical record lacked confirmation that the patient understood instructions given on adjusting the dosage of his medication.