Risk Management Checklists: Medication Management

MLMIC publishes Risk Management Checklists to assist insured physicians and facilities with policies and protocols in critical areas, including medication management. These checklists focus on specific risk management issues – how to manage medication samples and how to promote patient adherence to a medication regimen –policyholders are likely to encounter in the healthcare setting.

We encourage you to review these risk management checklists for medication management on a regular basis to promote patient safety and reduce potential liability exposure:

Prescription Medications and Patient Safety

Medication errors result in a significant portion of medical liability claims. Patient harm can result from known risks, adverse or allergic reactions, drug interactions and errors in prescribing. Careful attention to detail in prescribing and monitoring the use of medications promotes patient health and safety.

View or download the checklist here: Prescription Medications and Patient Safety.

Managing Medication Samples

Medication samples are widely used in a physician’s office practice. A standard process should be in place for the proper handling, storage, dispensing and disposal of medication samples. The safe management of medication samples can help prevent medication errors and subsequent patient injuries.

View or download the checklist here: Managing Medication Samples.

Promoting Patient Adherence to a Medication Regimen

Patient nonadherence to a prescribed medication regimen is a common problem that physicians in all specialties encounter. Some factors that may influence medication adherence include the complexity of the regimen, the age of the patient and the cost of medications. Patients and/or caregivers should be advised of the importance of taking medications exactly as directed. Educating patients regarding the use of medications should include information about potential drug interactions, side effects, and other related problems that may warrant medical intervention.

View or download the checklist here: Promoting Adherence to a Medication Regimen.

MLMIC’s Risk Management Consultants are available to assist insured physicians and facilities in their ongoing efforts to identify and address areas of concern related medication management. For guidance regarding a specific situation, please contact MLMIC’s Risk Management Department at (800) 275-6564.

In addition, policyholders can stay up to date on the latest risk management guidance and alerts by monitoring the MLMIC Insider, The Scope: Medical Edition, Healthcare Weekly and other MLMIC communications.