MLMIC Launches Content Hub for New York Physicians and Healthcare Organizations

MLMIC Insurance Company has a long tradition of publishing risk management guidance and legal perspectives for New York physicians, medical practices, hospitals and other healthcare organizations. In addition, we’ve shared industry news, company updates and valuable feature articles on our blog several times every month for over seven years. The result? The MLMIC website hosts hundreds of free online resources for both policyholders and the broader medical community.

Now, all of those resources – including the MLMIC blog – are part of the MLMIC Insider, which you can access directly on our website. Specifically, the MLMIC Insider contains:

To ensure the MLMIC Insider is accessible and engaging, we also developed key features to help visitors easily discover relevant and informative content. These functions include:

The hub is intentionally dynamic so that we can showcase – and rotate through – high priority content day-to-day or week-to-week. Additionally, we continually customize the homepage to highlight recent Insider posts and urgent topics that provide a current snapshot of industry news and developments that impact the practice of medicine in New York.

We encourage you to bookmark the MLMIC Insider homepage and visit regularly!