Yesterday, New York State amended Public Health Law 2999-dd to include requirements that dental telehealth services adhere to the same standards of appropriate patient care required in other dental health care settings.  These requirements include but are not limited to the performance of an appropriate patient examination, taking of x-rays and a review of the patient’s medical and dental history. Dental telehealth providers are also required to identify themselves to patients as well as provide their New York state license number. 

In addition, the amendment prohibits a dental telehealth provider from attempting to waive liability in advance of providing services and prohibits a dental telehealth provider from attempting to prevent a patient from filing a complaint with any governmental agency or authority.  This amendment was adopted in an effort to preserve patient safety and maintain trust in telehealth as a response to fraudulent telehealth practices and coercion by providers. 

The new law takes effect immediately.   

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