Seven Things For New Dentists to Know About Practicing Dentistry in New York

Congratulations! Years of hard work and dedication have paid off! You've completed dental school and residency training but what's next? If you plan on practicing in New York State, there are many things to consider before you start providing dental care. Below, MLMIC shares information on seven important topics to be mindful of before you start to practice.


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Risk Management

Understand important issues, improve patient care, and reduce the number and severity of claims with MLMIC’s valuable Risk Management tips and resources.

Document Request

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Payment Information

Pay by mail:
To pay by mail, include your remittance slip and write your policy number on your check. Allow five days for payment to arrive and post to your account prior to the due date. If you misplace the payment envelope, send payment to the following address:

MLMIC Insurance Company
PO Box 7247-7232
Philadelphia, PA 19170-7232

Please DO NOT send your payment directly to a MLMIC office – doing so will delay updating your account balance. Please DO NOT include any correspondence with your remittance.

Overnight Payment:
For overnight payment, please mail to the address below. Include your remittance slip and write your policy number on your check.

Remitco (MLMIC/7232)
400 White Clay Center
Newark, DE 19711

Online (Electronic) Payments:
For credit card payments or Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments (if you prefer paperless payments made directly from your bank account), please log in to your account.

Credit card payments incur a 3% surcharge fee. ACH payments are available with no added fee.