MLMIC’s Spring 2018 Dateline Newsletter Available Now Online

The Spring 2018 issue of Dateline is now available online. The latest edition of this newsletter for MLMIC-insured physicians and facilities – which you can access here – contains several articles, including:

  • a cover story about what’s being captured in the electronic footprint (metadata) of Electronic Health Records (EHRs);
  • risk management strategies related to S6800 (Lavern’s Law);
  • a case study about patient care mismanagement leading to loss of a limb;
  • an update on risk associated with recent insolvencies of RRGs;
  • recommendations on the proper way to close a practice;
  • a statement about liability coverage for dispensing medical marijuana;
  • a new risk management tip on managing patient noncompliance; and
  • an alert from the Joint Commission related to inadequate handoff communication.

In addition, the Spring 2018 Dateline includes an update on developments in the Berkshire Hathaway transaction.

Print copies of Dateline should arrive in the mail starting this week.